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Apostolic singles must trust that God is guiding their footsteps Romans 8: Fate is not a biblical concept. God orders our every step if we are faithful to Him. God will guide the right person into your life at just the right time. Speaking of guarding integrity, Apostolic singles should create and maintain protective boundaries in their relationships. Carelessness leads to sinfulness in a hurry.

A First Date: The Pentecostal Way - US Represented

Under no circumstances should a man and woman — unless they are married to one another — be alone together in a house or bedroom. You need to see how that person interacts with others and with the people who are already a part of your life.

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Dating couples should always have a plan. Boredom and too much free time is a dangerous combo for two people who are attracted to one another. Singles of all ages must be open and accountable to spiritual authority. Singles should talk to their pastor, family, and trustworthy spiritual mentors BEFORE becoming too emotionally invested in a relationship. Singles who remove this boundary are dodging godly counsel. When dating, singles should ask lots and lots of questions.

Find out what they really believe deep down. Talk about hopes, dreams, plans, goals, and aspirations. Find out if they are growing spiritually or dying spiritually. When dating, watch how they respond in church services. If they sit in church like a dead frog you know something is spiritually off balance.

Roles in the Church

Texting, social media, video chatting, and tons of other forms of technology have changed the modern dating scene. Never date just to date. Dating is two people evaluating whether they are compatible and capable of truly loving one another for a lifetime. And by the way, spending all your free time with a member of the opposite sex is dating whether you call it that or not. If marriage is out of the question, stop dating that person immediately. You are incredibly valuable. In a culture of casual sex and careless relationships, Apostolic singles are set apart by God for better things.

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    10 Things Christians Should Know about the Pentecostal Church

    I'm not Pentecostal, but I'm sort of dating one. Dec 7, 1. I could just be paranoid, but when I met some of my male friend's fellow friends and acquaintances from church, I felt awkward. I've never been subject to beliefs regarding the length of my hair or whether or not I wear pants, and it seemed like I was looked down upon. I just felt as if, right off the bat, I was kind of not well liked, like I'll have to prove myself. How can I convince them that I'm good enough for him?

    What a Pentecostal Girl looks for in a Guy

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today? Dec 7, 2.

    A blog that deals with biblical topics and Christian Living

    I'd run from any congregation that looks down on me as a visitor Dec 7, 3. It sounds like the church you are describing fits into the "oneness" movement of Pentecostalism i. The one problem you described though, is the fact that they seemed to look down upon you. Any church no matter what denomination who chooses to judge others simply based on a physical appearance, is well Andreha said it best: Dec 7, 4. Church of God used to be like that, but not any more. Give them another shot before you dismiss them totally. Outward holiness does not necessarily equal inward holiness.

    I'm not Pentecostal, but I'm sort of dating one.

    Dec 7, 5. Thanks, everyone I had no intention of dismissing them- it's more that I hope that they'll accept me and like me with time, I just didn't know if there was anything I could do. My friend said it would be ridiculous for them to judge my based upon my "outward holiness,' as stormdancer0 said, but he has no doubts that some may. Thanks for the thoughts and opinions! Dec 7, 6. Dec 7, 7.